March 2, 2014

A Fresh Look At DTS


Welcome to Sarasota, Florida! Things are starting to look a little different around here with the 2014 Sarasota Marriage of the Arts DTS! Our lecture hall for the day was in the center of downtown Sarasota! We have decided its time to bring the DTS back to where it was always meant to be... Out of our four walls, on the streets, and with the people!

As YWAM Herrnhut we are currently half way through the lecture phase of our very first Sarasota, Florida Discipleship Training School. There is no turning back now! We have world changers throughout this school learning how to take one step at a time as they seek after their dreams!

As we're entering the last six weeks of the school we would like to ask you to join us as we make a conscious effort to take our DTS classroom out to the people of Sarasota. So if you're in the area feel free to come look for us. If you're not in the area you can stay up to date with how God is using this school by regularly checking out this blog.

Blessing & Peace,

YWAM Herrnhut in Sarasota!

February 19, 2014

January 18, 2014

December 17, 2013

Its official... We have a House!


After a year long process, we have signed the papers and YWAM Herrnhut has been donated a house in Herrnhut! It is an incredible House with 6 different apartment units, and a spacious garden. Thank You to everyone who has prayed and believed with us to see YWAM Herrnhut acquire more properties.  What an amazing way to end the year! Now lets continue to believe and pray for more!

December 9, 2013

More than Half way!


We are more than half way to reaching our fundraising goal! In the last week, we have seen God providing more than 25,000 Euros! We are so thankful and blessed by so many wonderful supporters.  

We still have a little ways to go, and would love to invite you to partner financially with YWAM Herrnhut and invest in to the next generation of missionaries!

December 2, 2013

November 26, 2013

Partner with us!


We are standing on the edge of what could possibly be the greatest mission’ s movement of all time.  God is stirring up a new generation of missionaries to go and bring the gospel to all the corners oaf the earth. In Herrnhut, we are already experiencing the beginnings of his movement! Our Castle is host to hundreds of young people passionate to share the Gospel… but we have thousands more getting ready to flow through our doors over the coming years.

Our facilities our beyond its limits! We have been in the midst of a fundraising campaign so that we may continue to use this place as a center to send out missionaries and to do so with as low school fees as possible. If we are unable to raise the funds we have no other option but to raise our school fees we charge for our Training schools!

We still need to see 70,000 Euros raised so that we can carry out much needed renovations on our roof and septic system that is no longer functioning properly. Be a part of what God is doing here, partnering with us financially to raise these finances and invest in to the next generation of missions! 
For more information visit:

November 25, 2013

November 21, 2013

Update from the Florida Team!


Hello Friends!

It has been a while since you have last heard from us, we figured it was time to update you on the things that have been happening! Our team is quickly expanding! We have been joined by 3 new, lovely people and anticipate the arrival of many more as we get closer to the start of the DTS!

God has been doing so much in and through and for our team as we have been preparing for the upcoming Marriage of the Arts DTS ! We are so incredibly excited and expectant as we move forward in preparation.

The January MoTA DTS is coming together! We currently have 45 students accepted, from 12 different Nations, spanning 4 generations! How amazing is that?! Not only that, the Lord has begun to provide for things we needed for the school. We were contacted by a local church, Fellowship of Believers, who wanted to help us get this DTS up and running. They have been generous enough to not only offer their facilities to run the lectures out of, but they are also providing some staff housing on their property! For the past weeks, we have been helping the church to complete some renovations that they are doing for the buildings that will house our staff. We are incredibly grateful for this church and their generosity and encouragement!
Fellowship of Believers, where the January DTS will have lecture phase

We have also have had the privilege of working with The Hope House, a local prayer house/ministry center that just started up a few months ago. We currently run a two hour prayer and worship set for the Nations every first and third Tuesday of the month. It has been incredible to sow into their ministry and be a part of what God is doing in this region as a whole in the areas of prayer and worship.

Last week, a portion of the team had the opportunity to attend the YWAM South East Regional Conference in Alabama. It was an incredible time of connecting with other YWAM Base Directors in this region and we were honored to receive so much encouragement and favor from them as we continue to pioneer this upcoming DTS. (Pictures) During the week, we heard from Jim Stier on the Kingdom of Heaven. We were joined by multiple DTS' that are taking place at a few of the bases in the south east region. It was a great week of fellowship, building connections, and getting excited and inspired for building the Kingdom of Heaven.

We continue to prepare and seek the Lord during this time before the DTS begins- but we are full of nothing less than excitement and expectancy!

"For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland." Isaiah 43:19

October 27, 2013

September 30, 2013

Disposable Project


Photograph by Bill Wood. 'Hampstead Heath' 2013

Last year Pick a Pocket (ministry at our base) was on outreach in London during the Olympics. They partnered with photographer Adelle Watts, and YWAM Leeds to create a project called "Disposable". Disposable focuses on people affected by homelessness and aims to empower them through photography with a voice to tell their story and share their perspectives on life. In order to allow their stories to be heard they are holding another exhibition this fall and creating a book of their current works.

As a team they have started this Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for these production costs. Please take a moment to check it out, watch the video, and be inspired by the photographs taken by their friends in London. Spread the word, and consider helping make this all possible.

Thank you!

September 9, 2013

The fall is here!


The first night all our 200 new amazing students and many of our staff were 
sleeping in self made shelters to make a statement that this DTS will make a 
difference in the Nations among the poorest of the poor and the unreached!!
 What a beginning! Amazing students!

August 19, 2013

Pick A Pocket Scotland Retreat


Pick A Pocket was in Seamill, Scotland Aug 12-16 to celebrate their 5 year anniversary as a ministry, and to pray and wait on God to see what He wanted to speak about in the next 5 years of Pick A Pocket.

It was an exciting time for them to give 3 full days of dreaming with the Lord about furthering the vision of arts, missions, and justice. Their team of 27 all received so much vision for the future of what they can be doing more with outreaches, tours, exhibitions, cafes, galleries, magazines, books, and more!

It was also great to see what God did in the past 5 years using the team of missionaries and artists :

1. Saving 13 girls from living in the trash dump. (The Koshe Project)
2. Rescuing 10 babies from being killed by a plague called Mingi in South Ethiopia. (Drawn From Water)
3. Helping one Ethiopian homeless man receive an apartment, medicine, and a daily care. (Solomon)
4. Going on 5 tours across the US, Asia, and Europe and seeing transformations within the church and outside on the streets in individuals.
5. Publishing one book, "People Not Poverty"
6. Experiencing how God can use our art exhibitions and galleries to spread the Gospel in closed countries.
7. Pioneering a cafe and gallery here in Herrnhut.

There were so many more things to be thankful for during these 3 days as they sat and heard team members share what they've seen God do in the past 5 years. It was also a great time to have "team times" on the beach with bonfires and worship.

They also took time to dream with God about the next 5 years of Pick A Pocket. They felt like they are given a new clean slate to start co-creating with Him. He wants to further and expand Pick A Pocket's influence across the globe. They really felt like these next 5 years are going to be years of pioneering new things and reaching higher levels in art and missions.

Follow them at

August 11, 2013

Stories from DTS Outreach


Challenges of Leadership

     After 5 weeks of investing in the city, our team was ready and excited to start the next part of our journey. We didn't quite know what we were getting ourselves into, only that God spoke to "go the long way" and "blaze a trail of worship and prayer" even though it didn't make sense, especially knowing it would never fit in our budget. So we took off on a 7 day journey through some of the most stunning mountains. The locals claim their land is 93% mountains and they nickname it the "Roof of the World". Despite some minor set backs, we made it. After 4 cities, 3 blown tires, 1 breakdown, 4 land cruisers, 1 old soviet van, and traveling along 3 different country borders, we made it to our next destination with less than 20€. With plans to stay for a week, we had no idea how we were going to pay our rent and our budget for food was, "pray about it". Mid week we were able to have the rest of our team finances sent to us, but because of the end of Ramadan, all stores and banks would be closed the following days leading up to the weekend. Friday came around and some places started to open up again. Knowing the money had been sent and that at least 1 bank was open, I had decided to see if we could get it. That morning while leaving a children's center, I answered a call from my co leader about something, with the side comment of, "oh and we kind of gave the rest of our money away." 

     Though slightly taken aback,  I had already planned on stoping in at a bank on the way home. So as the rest of the team headed back to the house for lunch, I tried an open bank. For some reason the transfer had not yet come through, so as I stepped outside and prayed, i felt God say to go home, eat, and rest, and try again tomorrow. With the urgency of knowing the money should be there and also that we had none left for dinner, I set out determined to do that day what God had planned for the next day. So in the 40°C (104°F) midday sun, I went all over town to at least 6 banks, all of whom were closed. Defeated I turned home to get let out by the bus 2 stops past where I should have been let out. Tired, sweaty and hungry I put my head down and avoided the team as I went into my room. Before I knew it I was asleep, napping for the first time since leaving Germany, and woke to a nearly empty house. When the team returned from doing ministry. I learned of how God lead them to play worship in a park (which we had done the day before with almost no response from people), and through that they were given more than enough money for dinner and breakfast for the next day. God reminded me that He was the true outreach leader and if He called us to go on this wild trip, then He would surely provide all that we needed. The next morning, as He had said, we were able to withdraw the rest of our team money with no problem. Now we look ahead to see how God will come through as we continue to travel and spread His light. 

-Corey, USA

Power of Prayer 

     Three times a week, part of our team would visit a refugee family of believers and teach them english. This family was driven out of their home country because if their faith and were forced to settle on the outskirts of the capital city. Since their arrival nearly 2 years ago, the family of 21 has struggled. The men have lost their jobs because the government forbids the refugees to work inside the city. With the jobs they have found, it is not enough to support their large family. Despite the hardship, God is still present. During one week, one of the younger siblings was suffering from a severe migraine. Two guys prayed for her and the pain immediately left. Several days later, her sister complained of a bone that began to protrude from her wrist. Many of us laid hands on her. The next time we saw her she was completely healed. A third sister found herself jobless after her manager cheated her wages. After prayer, she found another job that very weekend. In the same weekend, one of the older brothers woke up with a mysterious bite on his wrist. What began as a small irritable bump, grew to a large rash that moved throughout his forearm and hand in a few days, causing sharp pain in his wrist and numbness in his thumb. After we gathered around him in prayer, his wrist, hand and forearm were restored the next day. 

-Reyes, USA


Two of us were in our 3rd week teaching at an English language school. Through much frustration with miscommunication, we were finally able to establish with the director that we were committing to 3- 1 hour long classes 3 times a week. About to head out of the door after our 3rd and last class of the day, we were approached with the plea to do anther class, despite establishing that we were only to do 3 classes. Frustration rose as we felt that we had been played yet again. At the same time, Eph. 6: 5-7 came to mind and convicted us to push through our exhaustion and hunger and to render this last our with good will to the Lord.  As soon as we began teaching that 1 hour class, it was over in 5 minutes. We looked at each other dumbfounded. Not only this but previous times leaving the classes we were left completely exhausted and dreading the next time we had to be there. This time we were filled with an energy, joy, and refreshed gratitude looking forward to the next day of teaching. Truly, by being obedient to the Lord, it allowed God to exhale himself above our exhaustion, frustration, and hunger, and to bestow upon us a blessing of refreshed joy, energy, and thanksgiving. On top of this, as we were climbing into the taxi that was to take us home, sitting in the back seat, we met a friend whom we had the chance to share the gospel with sometime before, and had been on our hearts earlier that week to get in touch with. God granted us the encounter instead. We both agreed it was the best day of English school thus far, in spite of taking another class. We couldn't help but rejoice for the rest of the evening that led even into giving us energy for the rest of the days. 

-Rayanne, Canada