January 28, 2016

*NEW* School of Photography at our location in Nuremberg



For 4 years we have been designing a secondary school but never felt ready to release it. Now we feel it’s the time to start the School of Photography (www.ywamphotographyschool.com.)

The program is designed around the experienced photography team at Wonderland Studios in Nuremberg and leader Jan C. Schlegel. Schlegel is a passionate black and white, analog photographer with an emphasis on portraying cultures. His exhibitions about the hidden cultures of African and Asian tribes have been displayed in many prestigious galleries worldwide. He is represented by Bernheimer Gallery, one of Europe's foremost galleries for photography, and is working on a groundbreaking project entitled Tribes of our Generation, which captures the diverse youth subcultures of our time.

Mikhail Shestakov from St. Petersburg, Russia will join the team for several weeks to instruct in the area of digital imaging. He is a well-respected photographer and his pictures have won several prizes.

This course will not follow a typical lecture-style format – it will be intensely practical and personal. Self-initiative is required and a passion to learn is essential.

You can choose to work digital or go the hard way of analog photography. There will be opportunities to experiment and try out diverse camera formats and techniques.

The course will take you to Paris for the world fair of photography Paris Photo, as well as to St. Petersburg, Russia to work in the famous Popcorn Studios where Russian photo models will assist in our portrait workshops.

August 17, 2015

They Always Said Third Times A Charm!


The Third Florida Marriage of the Arts DTS!

We are compelled by an unrelenting love to see the world come to know He who designed creativity. Who, in his masterpiece, made and desired us.

Heart and Heaven married in a radical pursuit of a redeemed generation. The artists carried the vision, the heartbeat and tools to see the marriage of Creator and creation.

MOTA stands for “Marriage of the Arts“. We believe that art is the language of this generation and has the potential to make a relevant difference in this world. Together, let’s rediscover the power there is in creating. To be a generation who not only dreams big but also makes steps to see those dreams happen. Young people are capable of changing the world. Through DTS let’s allow God to unravel the visions and dreams He has for your life and for this next generation.

This Discipleship Training School is a school, but it’s not about the program. It’s about discipleship, but not about you. It’s not about the experience. It’s about missions, it’s about faith, and it’s about creating solutions.

The first three months you will be joined by teachers from all over the world with first hand missions and art experience. During the first three months of Lecture you also will get further training in your creative art focus. You can choose one focus out of Photography, Handmade, Writing, Graphic Design and Music.*

The Second part of DTS is a 10-12 week Outreach phase where we want to apply what we’ve learned, lay down our expectations and let God take over. During this time we send out teams into the nations, focusing on the 10/40 window. To give all that we are so that he may use us in the nations to make him known. 

Together let’s allow Jesus to break the boxes we so often put him in and redefine who he is and how much power there is in his love. 

Take 6 months to focus entirely on Jesus and see if he doesn’t radically change your life. 

Don’t limit yourself—are you ready for more?

*Official art tracks are yet to be determined. The official list will be stated in the coming weeks.

Die dritte Florida Marriage of the Arts DTS!

Wegen der bedingungslosen Liebe sind wir dazu verpflichtet, zu sehen wie die Welt ihn erkennt, der Kreativität geschaffen hat. Er, der uns als sein Meisterwerk geschaffen und gewollt hat.

Herz und Himmel heirateten aus einem radikalen Verlangen heraus, eine wiederhergestellte Generation zu sehen. Die Künstler trugen die Vision, den Herzschlag und die Werkzeuge, um die Hochzeit von Schöpfer und Schöpfung zu sehen.

MOTA steht für „Marriage of the Arts“ (Hochzeit der Künste). Wir glauben dass Kunst die Sprache dieser Generation ist und gleichzeitig das Potential besitzt, einen relevanten Unterschied in dieser Welt zu machen. Lasst uns gemeinsam die Kraft entdecken die im Erschaffen liegt. Um so eine Generation zu sein welche nicht nur große Träume hat, sondern auch Schritte wagt um die Träume erfüllt zu sehen. Junge Menschen sind fähig die Welt zu verändern. Erlaube Gott durch die DTS die Visionen und Träume welche Er für Dein Leben und die nächste Generation hat, offen zu legen. 

Die Jüngerschaftsschule (DTS) ist eine Schule, doch es geht nicht um’s Programm. Es geht um Jüngerschaft, aber nicht um Dich. Es geht nicht um die Erfahrung. Es geht um Mission, um Glaube und es geht darum Lösungen zu schaffen.

Die ersten 3 Monate, bekannt als Lehrphase, wirst Du von internationalen Lehrern begleitet werden die Missions- und Kunsterfahrung aus erster Hand haben. Während dieser drei Monate wirst Du außerdem in Deinem Kunstschwerpunkt weiter trainiert. Du kannst einen Schwerpunkt aus Fotografie, Tanz, Handarbeit, Grafikdesign, Schreiben oder Musik wählen.*

Der zweite Teil der DTS ist eine 10-12 wöchige Einsatzphase in welcher wir das anwenden möchten, was wir in der Unterrichtsphase gelernt haben. Wir wollen unsere Erwartungen niederlegen und Gott übernehmen lassen. Während dieser Zeit senden wir unsere Teams in die Nationen, hierbei konzentrieren wir uns auf das 10/40 Fenster - um alles zu geben was wir sind so dass Er uns in den Nationen verwenden kann um Ihn bekannt zu machen.

Lasst uns gemeinsam Jesus erlauben, unsere Boxen zu sprengen in welche wir Ihn oft stecken um neu zu definieren wer Er ist und wie viel Kraft in seiner Liebe steckt.

Nimm Dir 6 Monate um komplett auf Jesus zu fokussieren und schau ob er Dein Leben nicht doch radikal verändert.

Limitiere Dich nicht selbst - Bist Du bereit für mehr?

*Die letztlichen Kunstzweige werden noch bestimmt. Die offizielle Liste wird in den nächsten Wochen bekannt gegeben werden.

December 2, 2014

ITS HERE! Sarasota Fitness DTS


We were created to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. Come and be equipped to carry the gospel to the nations. This six months of focused training will strengthen your faith and challenge your fitness. 

Come join us January 2015 in Sarasota, Florida as we pioneer our first Fitness DTS! Apply online at: apply.ywamherrnhut.com

Wir wurden geschaffen um Gott mit ganzem Herzen, ganzer Seele, all unserem Verstand und ganzer Kraft zu lieben. Komm und werde ausgerüstet um das Evangelium in die Nationen zu bringen. Diese sechs Monate fokussierten Trainings werden Deinen Glauben stärken und Deine Fitness herausfordern.

Sei Teil unserer ersten Fitness DTS die wir im Januar in Sarasota, Florida pionieren! Bewirb Dich auf: apply.ywamherrnhut.com 

November 15, 2014

The Future is Known by He Who Shapes It - Florida MOTA


Eager with anticipation of a world redeemed we press on.

With hearts burning to make the message known, We have nothing holding us back from the calling we have received.

As a generation we are the prophets of old and our message hasn't altered, "There's a love that changes everything!" However, our execution of this  message is radically different and it’s riding on the backs of the arts! It is riding on the backs of your art.

The future is known by he who shapes it... Leading to a forever coming tomorrow

Will you shape it?
Tomorrow is waiting.

Voller Erwartung eifern wir weiter nach einer erlösten Welt. 

Mit brennenden Herzen, um die Nachricht bekannt zu machen und nichts hält uns zurück dem Ruf zu folgen, den wir empfangen haben.

Als Generation sind wir wie die Propheten der vergangen Tage und unsere Nachricht hat sich nicht geändert: „Es gibt eine Liebe die alles verändert!“ Wie dem auch sei, die Überbringung dieser Nachricht sieht radikal andes aus und sie wird auf dem Rücken der Kunst getragen. Sie wird auf dem Rücken Deiner Kunst getragen.

Derjenige kennt die Zukunft, welcher sie formt... Hinführend zu einem niemals endenden morgen.

Wirst Du sie formen?
Das Morgen wartet.

October 24, 2014




October 30th until November 2nd 2014

Fred Markert, USA
George Verwer, GB
Walter Heidenreich, Germany
Bruce Olson, Columbia
Terry Snow, Haiti
Braulia Ribeiro, Brasil
Dan Baumann, Switzerland

Missions- the evident need
Your City
Your Calling
Ending Apathy
You and Your Generation
Art and The Body of Christ

The core purpose of Mission Live is to engage in an open-ended conversation revolving around the dreams, goals and visions God has placed in your life. We strive to explore your various passions, while drawing out the reasons you have not moved forward with them.

Are you willing to journey ahead with us? We want to step into the issues deeply branded on God’s heart, and venture through the countless scriptures presenting the God of the Bible as the Father of the poor, the meek, the least, the orphan, the widow, the foreigner.

The Calling…
is a direct response to the evident need surrounding our cities, nations, and our global communities. We want to see a wave of passionate disciples, awakened by the realities of injustice, equipped and ready to answer the Great Commission. The apathetic silence of the west will no longer fuel preventable causes of suffering within our neighborhoods around the world.

What is the answer?
For us the answer is simple- how does the Lord continuously respond to oppression, within Biblical context, and naturally, how must we respond as His followers.

At the very beginning of Jesus’ public ministry, He gave His first sermon by declaring the year of freedom in Nazareth, His hometown. The Jewish men and women in the synagogue immediately recognized the context of which he was speaking. They knew the messianic proclamation and understood exactly what Jesus meant by it. The Lord was establishing jubilee for those held captive by financial debt and systematic poverty, and many of the leaders were outraged.

God, on His first day of ministry, did not sit still while the poor continued to be exploited, and neither will we.

God wants to use you, in your city.
Our authority is first found in our homes, amongst a culture and people we know intimately. Our hearts need to reach into our neighborhoods, build relationships and form communities where the Kingdom of God will flourish.

We do not need to adventure into Africa or Asia to be faced with extreme poverty, human trafficking, pain or suffering. In our cities we directly encounter every single one of these, yet we so often think we need the exotic experience to see God work.

People in your city are longing for hope and answers as well. Get moved by God, start dreaming, and get encouraged. Find your calling within your home and country. Become active and experience how God wants to use you to bring about lasting change.

We know that young people are capable to change the world!

If we want it or not, we are all a part of the turbulence of our young generation- a generation marked by rapid technological growth and immediate accessibility to knowledge. Today’s youth can connect globally, while living in small, cyber hubs of culture. They share and encourage similar hopes, dreams and heroes as their peers all over the world.

What will this generation do with these amazing opportunities? What will you do? If you care for your world and if you want to bring change, this mission-live conference is the right event! No matter where you come from, how old you are, how educated you are or how spiritual you feel. Dare to make the first step and expect God to equip you on the way.

Further information 

Begins October 30th at 5 p.m. Ends November 2nd at 2 p.m.

If you register until the 15th of September the conference fee is 40€ (online payment). After this date, it will cost 50€ and can be paid at the conference.

Baptistengemeinde am Südring, Sperberstraße 166, 90461 Nürnberg, Germany

Youth with a Mission Herrnhut , Untere Dorfstr. 56, 02747 Herrnhut, Germany
Email info@bfwm.dePhone +49 35873 36166
Web  www.mission-live.com

A list of housing opportunities, mass quarters, cheap hostels, pensions and hotels can be provided if requested.

Convention of Opportunities
We would love for mission organizations and ministries to represent their work with an information both at the conference. Information and prices can be provided at request.


Please help us to spread the word about the conference by sharing with your church, your friends, and your area. Contact us if you need flyers by emailing us your address and how many you need.

We hope to see you soon!
Many Blessings,

The YWAM Herrnhut Team in Nürnberg

August 6, 2014

Florida Marriage of the Arts DTS

After an monumental first Marriage of the Arts DTS here in Sarasota, FL we are excited to announce that, as YWAM Herrnhut, we will be running another! This is a very exciting moment for us and we couldn't be more overjoyed to invite you to be a part of it!

We must go beyond textbooks, go out into the bypaths and untrodden depths of this world. To travel, explore and tell the nations of the glories of this journey!

Come join us as we step deeper into the heart of God. We are on a journey of discovering what He has in store for the joining of world missions and the arts! If you would like more information please visit mission-live.com

June 11, 2014

May 15, 2014

May 8, 2014

March 2, 2014

A Fresh Look At DTS


Welcome to Sarasota, Florida! Things are starting to look a little different around here with the 2014 Sarasota Marriage of the Arts DTS! Our lecture hall for the day was in the center of downtown Sarasota! We have decided its time to bring the DTS back to where it was always meant to be... Out of our four walls, on the streets, and with the people!

As YWAM Herrnhut we are currently half way through the lecture phase of our very first Sarasota, Florida Discipleship Training School. There is no turning back now! We have world changers throughout this school learning how to take one step at a time as they seek after their dreams!

As we're entering the last six weeks of the school we would like to ask you to join us as we make a conscious effort to take our DTS classroom out to the people of Sarasota. So if you're in the area feel free to come look for us. If you're not in the area you can stay up to date with how God is using this school by regularly checking out this blog.

Blessing & Peace,

YWAM Herrnhut in Sarasota!

February 19, 2014

January 18, 2014

December 17, 2013

Its official... We have a House!


After a year long process, we have signed the papers and YWAM Herrnhut has been donated a house in Herrnhut! It is an incredible House with 6 different apartment units, and a spacious garden. Thank You to everyone who has prayed and believed with us to see YWAM Herrnhut acquire more properties.  What an amazing way to end the year! Now lets continue to believe and pray for more!

December 9, 2013

More than Half way!


We are more than half way to reaching our fundraising goal! In the last week, we have seen God providing more than 25,000 Euros! We are so thankful and blessed by so many wonderful supporters.  

We still have a little ways to go, and would love to invite you to partner financially with YWAM Herrnhut and invest in to the next generation of missionaries!

December 2, 2013